From the Desk of President

“The base of the changed state is to discourage foreign employment”. Foreign employment is the compulsion of Nepalese labours. If we look at the election manifesto of the present government, foreign employment is to be ended within 4 years for sure. Although, it doesn’t seem to be practical if the government is willing to implement the policy at current situation. Still many Nepalese workers are working in Malaysia and other golf countries and many are willing to go there due to lack of opportunities in the country. The government cannot abandon the right of the workers to work in the foreign countries. Millions of Nepalese workers are losing their employment in Malaysia in the name of labour rights and agreement. Although there may be obstacles from both countries to implement the agreement between Nepal Government and Malaysian Labour Minister, it is the responsibility of the state to identify and solve those problems. It is disastrous to keep the workers in dilemma for such a long time.

The state is moving forward for same nature of agreement made with Jordan and Malaysian Government with other countries like Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. If these agreements are made it will be fully on the side of Nepalese labourers. But immediately after the agreement is made Malaysian Government decided, Company will the pay the immigrant workers by deducting 20% of the total salary which is against the agreement with Nepal Government. It is because if Nepalese workers do not get services and facilities mentioned before they can change their company. The workers would not the deducted amount from previous company if they change the company. However, the state should not step back from this agreement.

Workers should not do any activities against employer company or against labour policy of the of the particular country. One should bring the experience certificate of the work they have done. They should learn the skills which may be useful in Nepal when they return back. The concern party must take the advantage of the orientation training conducted by Nepal Government.

At last, this article is dedicated to the workers of foreign employment. This may be also helpful for any researcher of foreign employment or any other concern bodies. If you have any feedback regarding the article, please let me know through email.

Thank You.