The following mission of the company is based on the prevailing laws and policy of Nepal Government to coordinate and cooperate with the respective bodies.

  • This organization will remain as a non-profitable and voluntary organization.
  • Will keep information of Nepalese of foreign countries with permission from related bodies.
  • Will try to make the foreign employment dignified.
  • Will try to coordinate between foreign employer organizations, government bodies and labours to make foreign employment easy and safe.
  • Will try to deliver the truth and facts about foreign employer companies and foreign employment and will work as information center to reduce the cheat done in the name of foreign employment.
  • Will collect and publish the condition, nature of work, available services and facilities, wages and salaries of the Nepalese foreign workers.
  • Will look after the legal and administrative procedures for the Nepalese who have been cheated in the name of foreign employment.
  • Will work to make examine and monitor the condition of Nepalese working in foreign employment regarding services and facilities are available or not as mentioned, physical and mental condition and nature of work.
  • Will try to work for the rescue, treatment and fight for labour rights of helpless, physically or mentally disabled and sick Nepalese workers working in foreign countries.
  • Will try to organize meetings and seminars between NGOs and INOGs, foreign employer, Civil Society, media sectors and different prestigious people to make foreign employment easy, safe and dignified.
  • Will conduct awareness programme regarding foreign employment.
  • Will actively participate in help and rescue during natural calamities.